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At Hardware Direct, we understand the importance of selecting the ideal server and specifications for your needs. Our daily commitment is to guide our customers in choosing devices that meet their requirements effectively. We pride ourselves on our individualized approach, ensuring we build systems that align with your company's specific needs. After thoroughly understanding your requirements, we ensure the delivery, deployment, and configuration of the best-suited solution

Contact us: describe your requirements, expected configurations, and budget
Our experts will prepare a tailored proposal of optimal configurations suited to your needs
Select your preferred delivery address, along with the deployment and installation options. Choose a payment method that suits you best.
We assemble your ideal configuration and either ship the order or handle the installation and implementation for you.



5,600 servers sold during the year. 12621 satisfied customers from 63 countries.


Brand new hardware with manufacturer warranties from Dell, HPE, Lenovo, and more.


Certified, legitimate refurbished equipment, restored in accordance with the highest standards.

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Expert advice and equipment selection tailored for unique applications.

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Everything listed on the website is available in our inventory.


24/7 technical support and assistance. On-site server maintenance and repair services.


Extensive scale of operations. Handling orders for several hundred servers is effortless for us. We've successfully rescued numerous IT projects.


  • Our own warehouse holds 63052 parts and nearly 2000 ready-to-ship servers, available immediately without any wait.
  • Rapid quotation process - typically within 30 minutes
  • ON-SITE 24/7 warranty in PROD mode, featuring a 4-hour response time
  • Comprehensive After Sales services - offering unlimited support with implementation, configuration, and administration. Our services include maintenance, equipment servicing, remote monitoring, and proactive responses to equipment failures
  • Flexible financing options - offering leasing, rental, and the possibility of equipment trade-in.
  • Free delivery
  • Our own technologically advanced LAB and testing center are tailored to manage extensive projects with the client
  • Highly qualified system architects and engineers holding latest industry certifications and bringing years of experience.

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We ship and serve companies from all over the world

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Dell Power Edge server naming convention

R640, T330 and M420. You probably know how Dell EMC uses letters and numbers to name its PowerEdge server models. If not, we highly recommend you to read this article to understand these naming conventions and which generation the servers belong to.

How to choose a server?

Choosing the best server for a business can be a difficult process. With so many server types, processors, hard drive, and other options to choose from, it's almost impossible to know where to begin. If you want to know how to setup a server for your business, this is right place.

Cybersecurity Optimization in Accordance with NIS2 Directive

The NIS2 Directive (Network and Information Systems Directive 2) is EU cybersecurity regulations aimed at optimizing cybersecurity and adapting it to current threats. Thus, it significantly updates the existing regulations and obligations in this area, which were introduced in 2016.

NVMe drives: how do they work and why should you choose them?

NVMe drives are modern data carriers that use the PCI Express interface to communicate with a computer. They are much faster and more efficient than traditional SSD drives that use the SATA interface.

New server or recertified server - which one to choose?

In this article, we will explain what server renewal involves and what are the advantages for an organization of using a recertified server over a new one.


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Windows Server, SQL, Exchange operating systems

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Hardware Direct Flex-Guard: Service support tailored to your needs

Discover the comprehensive technical support from Hardware Direct, delivered through our Single Point of Contact formula!

Hardware Direct Flex-Guard: a reflection of 15 years of expertise in developing server architecture and ensuring its security. It represents our pride and commitment to clients who choose our solutions and support.

Hardware Direct Flex-Guard:

  • Thanks to it's modular configuration, it offers the flexibility to tailor individual service components to meet the customer's expectations and their existing architecture
  • Unique services designed to minimize response time for each incident. Effortless and efficient access to the remote support of Hardware Direct's Service Center, with the provision for immediate on-site hardware operations in the client's environment as needed.
  • The Single Point of Contact Formula – no matter which component of the protected architecture is malfunctioning, a single, fast, and reliable reporting channel initiates an effective repair process
  • Secure extended protection and peace of mind for up to 60 months with our comprehensive protection plan
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