IT Decommissioning & Server Buyback

Why is it worth selling your IT hardware to us?

Are you planning to decommission your company's IT hardware? Everyone in business knows that occasionally you need to upgrade your company's computer hardware. Replacement may seem complicated and tiring, but there is no need to worry! With our help you can pass through the process without any stress or difficulty. We have prepared a unique IT hardware purchase service for you, which makes the process of removing any unnecessary items a simple and profitable process for your company!


We buy servers, mass storage, networking equipment and components from all major brands, including Dell, HPE, Intel, IBM, Fujitsu, and Cisco. We offer:

  • An attractive price for your IT hardware. We pay you more than other buyers in the market.
  • Fast and secure transaction. We can pick up your IT hardware from any place in Poland and pay you in cash or by bank transfer.
  • Professional service. We handle all the paperwork related to the purchase of IT hardware.
  • Ecological approach - we give a second life to the products bought from you.

1. Contact

Contact us and send a list of your hardware for pricing.

Safe collection

2. Safe collection

We arrange a convenient collection with a specially prepared vehicle.


3. Technical verification

Our experts check and test the functionality of the hardware.


4. Payment

After verification, you receive a fair offer for your hardware.

Data deletion

5. Data deletion

We provide complete data deletion to protect your sensitive information.

How can you prepare the hardware for valuation?

First it is important to pay attention to the general condition of the equipment. The units should be in good technical condition and equipped with basic components. This is crucial to if you are aiming to receive an attractive offer! Make sure to provide all the details about each item and its location.

Send us the details in the form of a list, including the type, model and basic specifications. Do not worry if not everything is in perfect condition, just let us know about it to get a more accurate valuation.

Our experts can additionally perform a specialized audit and check the technical condition of each item at our service center. This provides you with a report that can be used to make an offer to repurchase the IT hardware.

What are we interested in?

  • Servers
  • Switches
  • Disk arrays
  • Workstations
  • Server components

How does our IT hardware purchase service work? 


Our hardware decommissioning service is a safe and sustainable way to get rid of items that are left over from the upgrades, terminated leases or simply lingering in storage. We offer:

  • Full data protection. We remove all data from your IT hardware according to the highest security standards.  
  • Responsible waste disposal. We care about the environment and comply with the electronic waste management regulations. We only work with verified recycling companies and avoid sending waste to landfills or developing countries.
  • Social support. We support local charities and educational organizations by donating some IT hardware that is suitable for further use. We help them develop and access modern technologies. 


Contact us and get a valuation!

To take advantage of our offer to buy servers and other IT equipment, just call, write or fill out the contact form below. Our expert will contact you within 24 hours to offer the best solution for your company. Why wait, contact us today and see how much you can save by selling your servers!

Digital Plant

When you choose Hardware Direct's hardware repurchase service, you are not only making a decision that is good for your budget, but you are also actively supporting the environment. Today's economic, environmental and social challenges urge us to redefine the way we think about consumption and resource management. In this context, the circular economy gains more importance.


The main principle of the Circular Economy is to keep the value of products, materials and resources in economic circulation for as long as possible. The allows to minimize waste generation and reduce pressure on natural resources. By choosing to repurchase your hardware, you help to achieve this goal. Your used hardware does not become useless waste - on the contrary, it once again becomes a valuable resource.


By joining the idea of a Circular Economy, Hardware Direct not only provides you with essential products and services, but also acts in the spirit of caring for the planet and future generations. By repurchasing hardware, we encourage you to think of it as a valuable resource that can be used in new ways and extend its life, while reducing its negative impact on the environment.