Environmental Responsibility

Ecological responsibility also benefits you and all our customers

Since its inception, Hardware Direct has striven to offer refurbished and recertified equipment as part of recommended solutions. This is an effective brand contribution to:

  • 1. Minimizing the carbon footprint
  • 2. Reducing the use of rare earth elements
  • 3. Extending the life cycle of already manufactured products

This means we aim to be not only a leader in the industry, but also its ecological transition. We invite you to participate in it through:


Our original, professional service and testing laboratory, which enables recertification of equipment at the highest level - with a comprehensive guarantee


An extended service protection package for your existing infrastructure or its expansion with refurbished items.

Design support in the development of already functioning server architectures, minimizing the need for hardware replacement.


Competitive offers for alternative, proven and efficient solutions to projects based on new equipment.


The possibility of supplying equipment to you as a settlement, or buying them back and refurbishing them for our future own or other customers' projects.


Numerous training sessions and certifications for system architects to effectively combine state-of-the-art technologies related to new equipment with recertified items within one platform.

Our responsibility to the planet translates into real benefits for you.