New server or recertified server – which one to choose?

In today's business world, selecting the right servers and network equipment is crucial for the effective functioning of the organization. We often face a dilemma: should we choose new ones or those that have undergone the recertification process?  And what is this recertification actually?  

In the following article, we explain what server renewal is all about and what advantages a recertified server has over a new one for an organization. 

Server recertification - what does it mean? 

Server recertification is, to put it simply, a process in which used servers go through a thorough revision and extensive testing to guarantee their full functionality and quality.  

When it comes to server renewal and recertification at the Hardware Direct service center, the process is more complex.  

Our engineers attach tremendous importance to the source of the server to be renewed. We accept equipment with a documented origin, usually operating in certified server rooms or ecosystems.  

Immediately after acceptance, we subject them to a series of tests - including critical load tests. This allows us to detect any defective components, as well as components with high wear and tear that may fail in the future.  

Then any questionable components can be replaced, and it goes to the Hardware Direct laboratory for further research and testing. Only after it has satisfactorily passed the laboratory path is it passed for sale.  

Thanks to thorough and multi-stage testing, we can be sure that the offered recertified server has all the characteristics needed to compete with a new one. We are also happy to provide full service protection for our recertified equipment. For up to 5 years (with the possibility of further extension of support). 

Advantages of choosing a recertified server 

Below are the arguments in favor of choosing recertified servers: 

Quality and Safety Guarantee 

  • Recertified servers pass rigorous quality and security tests. Their operation is confirmed by the manufacturer or independent certification bodies. 
  • New equipment may be subject to hidden manufacturing defects or errors that have not yet been detected. 

Financial Savings 

  • Recertified equipment is definitely cheaper than new ones. As a result, organizations that choose to purchase them can save on IT infrastructure investment costs. 
  • Properly refurbished servers offer similar performance to new ones, but at a lower price. 

Ecology and Sustainable Development 

  • Choosing recertified equipment supports sustainability. Recycling and reusing equipment is an important step in protecting the environment. 
  • New items generate a larger carbon footprint related to manufacturing and transportation. 
  • Increasingly often a requirement for access to funding (e.g., EU) is the share (e.g., a minimum of 20%) of recertified pieces of equipment in the architecture for which you want to apply for funding.  

Availability and Fast Implementation 

  • Recertified equipment is available on the market in greater quantities than new models. This is important when you need to replace or expand your infrastructure quickly. 
  • Recertified servers can be ready for use almost immediately after purchase. 
  • In the current reality of unstable supply chains, building a server infrastructure based on new equipment may be very time-consuming. 


The choice between recertified and new servers depends on the individual needs of the organization. However, the benefits of recertified equipment are worth noting. Security, financial savings and environmental concerns are arguments worth considering when making a decision.  

However, when deciding on a recertified server, it is worth choosing a supplier that guarantees that the procedure for renewing the equipment has been carried out in a professional manner. It is also important that the equipment has passed the strict laboratory tests. It is also worth opting for a company that provides a certain guarantee on the sold recertified server, carried out by professional service engineers*. 


* If you want to purchase a recertified server from a proven and reliable supplier, such as Hardware Direct, then: