12x Caddy 3.5" for Servers Dell 14 and 15-gen

Manufacturer: Dell PN: 12X-HDD-TRAY-DELL-G14-G15-3.5
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Warranty: 12 months extendable

Tray designed to work in devices such as:

  • PowerEdge R7515 12x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R7515 8x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R7525 12x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R7525 8x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R750 8x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R750 12x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R750xs 8x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R750xs 12x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R240 4x3.5" Hot-Plug
  • PowerEdge R340 4x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R440 4x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R6415 4x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R7415 8x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R7415 12x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R7425 8x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R7425 12x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R7425 12x3.5" 4x3.5" 2x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R250 4x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R350 4x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R740xd 12x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R740xd2 24x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R540 8x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R540 12x3.5"
  • PowerEdge R640 4x3.5"

12x Caddy 3.5" for Servers Dell 14 and 15-gen

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More Information
Manufacturer Dell
Compatible with PowerEdge R240 4x3.5" Hot-Plug, PowerEdge R250 4x3.5", PowerEdge R340 4x3.5", PowerEdge R350 4x3.5", PowerEdge R440 4x3.5", PowerEdge R540 12x3.5", PowerEdge R540 8x3.5", PowerEdge R640 4x3.5", PowerEdge R6415 4x3.5", PowerEdge R740xd 12x3.5", PowerEdge R740xd2 24x3.5", PowerEdge R7415 8x3.5", PowerEdge R7415 12x3.5", PowerEdge R7425 12x3.5", PowerEdge R7425 12x3.5" 4x3.5" 2x3.5", PowerEdge R7425 8x3.5", PowerEdge R750 12x3.5", PowerEdge R750 8x3.5", PowerEdge R750xs 12x3.5", PowerEdge R750xs 8x3.5", PowerEdge R7515 12x3.5", PowerEdge R7515 8x3.5", PowerEdge R7525 12x3.5", PowerEdge R7525 8x3.5"
Disk format 3.5"


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